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Seminar on José Argüelles/Valum Votan's teaching:
The Synchronotron and 441 Cube Matrix

Spectral Dali 22 - Silio 29 (May 23-29, 2011)

Greetings of Universal Peace,

Seeing that there is a need for Unifying and Furthering all the new information of “SYNHCRONOTRON”, we are making a Call to all of those who practice Synchronotron to share experiences with the purpose of Unification and Comprehension with the incorporation of the new information that is coming from The Book of the Transcendence, Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VI.

To all of those that are giving Synchronotron Workshops, also to Unify the criteria and coordinate the information to share, so that the vision and message given are the same that Votan has sent to us.

To all of the kin of the countries that HAVE NOT received Synchronotron to be able to make its diffusion possible in all the countries of the World where kin are active, specially to them we ASK to make an effort to send one or two kin so that the information in all countries where kin are active may be shared.

This Call is for that people who are compromised with spreading this information, and who keep and handle in their lives the Tools of the Law of Time.

Make a reservation of the dates so that you can be a part of this World Encounter, where each and everyone will share, live and practice all the tools, in preparation for the Closing of the Cycle.

Kin coordinating are Luis, White Electric Mirror from Mexico, and Mertxe, Blue Crystal Storm from Spain.   White Electric Mirror

The price of the Encounter will be of: 3200 mexican pesos, or 200 euros or 260 american dollars –details will be given to those who will be registering.

From the Garden of Eden of Tulan, where we await for you all,

Noospheric Greetings!

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