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Planet Art Network in Ashland Oregon, Adventure Report
Lunar Moon, White Lunar Wizard Year

Respect Knowledge & Wisdom

Although there is no doubt there are any number of statistical facts and guides about how to "properly" hold any sort of free public event and draw the biggest crowd, the intrepid time traveler Kin 201 moved forward with a simple idea and a simple concept. Inspired in one night from a film called "The Gathering - Return of the Whale Dreamers", the flier and concept for this event exploded from Kin 201's imagination in a direct response to the poignant message the film held for everyone on Earth: get involved! Join others to heal the Earth NOW!

Let us explain: You see, in Ashland Oregon they have recently closed the library due to underfunding. Some folks may be aware that Ashland Oregon is a wealthy city, in fact is world-renowned for its annual Shakespeare Festivals - however, for some reason or another the source of vast, free knowledge that the library represents had to close down due to lack of funds.

Ashland Library

Obviously this is because of the obscene amount of money that this country spends on its war.

In fact ALL libraries in the entire county had to close due to lack of funds(!) so, recently there had been a vote for the whole county to re-open the libraries based on some tax adjustments - we'll spare the boring 12:60 details of the levy - putting it shortly, the vote failed and all of the public libraries in this county (Jackson County) stayed closed.

Soon there will be another vote, this time specifically for the city of Ashland, to re-open the Public Library. Since it is insanity of such a grand proportion to close the public libraries - indeed where ANYONE can educate themselves - we wished to support and bring attention to the Library by holding a gathering of artists at its front door - to show respect to wisdom and knowledge.

This we did on the day of the Red Magnetic Serpent, entrance to the Blue Western Castle of Burning and the Court of Magic.

The day of this event coincided with a peace march as well. So as Jacob Rhythmic Dragon, Kelly Rhythmic Sun and Joseph Planetary Human showed up at the library with their rainbow banners and Banners of Peace - we promptly joined the Peace march to the downtown plaza.

It was a small gathering of 28 people, in fact it was officially a "Women in Black" event - the Women in Black stand in silence every week, usually wearing all black, to protest the war - though they welcomed us to their circle where people were speaking openly against war. Jacob Rhythmic Dragon told the crowd about the Banner of Peace and what it represents, focussing on the fact that Peace is so much more than just "not killing people" but comes from culture, purpose and meaning. The crowd was very excited about the Banner of Peace!

Then we stood in silence with them on the sidewalk of the (busy) Main street. Almost every person that drove past, honked in agreement to our anti-war/pro-peace statement (although there was just one car that openly threw us a big double "thumbs down" - fascinating).

After the silent protest they called everyone to stand in a circle. We presented the Banner of Peace to the local Women in Black organizers.

Afterwards, we, the three timetravelers, trekked back to the Library on foot, where we planted our rainbow banners and Banner of Peace. We brought a big bucket full of collage materials and art supplies, backpacks filled with colored pencils and another filled with books - and one rainbow-adorned Peruvian Pan-flute.

We sat by the statue in the front of the library and had a peaceful creative time. Although many passersby didn't seem drawn to what we were doing, we didn't mind and continued to play music and create art. The three of us received a communication from a very nice being in another universe in the form of a portrait of her cosmically elegant visage.

The words along the left of her head means: "Eternal Crystal River of Creation"
Esa Amorea: "Love to you"
Klatu Barada Nikto: "The Galactic Federation comes in Peace"

We stayed there for most of the day. Later some of our friends came to support us and join the moment. A few people stopped to hear us sing our song about the Library - a song which Kelly Rhythmic Sun recalled the night before the event! (Click here to hear the song now) and one man stopped to congratulate us for being so smart and having "heady" books (we had many of our books in front of the statue for anyone to come and read if they so wished).

A little boy came with his family and ran around flying the rainbow banner - which he VERY happily received from Kelly Rhythmic Sun, displaying utmost beautiful and uplifting innocence!

All in all it was a very satisfactory day. We realize that life can be so simple and beautiful if we just slow down and get fearlessly creative.

We hope to do more events of this nature, with the aim of magnetizing the very large number of talented artists who live in this town. To come with us and really live Time is Art!

Report filed by Kin 201
NS1.20.2.25 kin 106
White Lunar World-bridger
Year of the White Lunar Wizard, Lunar Moon Kali 25

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